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Although I'm very bad and haven't been playing for long, I do enjoy playing chess. Who else is a fan of the game? Are you any good, have any favourite players, recommend any games or books, perhaps even a favourite chess set?

I've got Chessmaster 10th Edition for the PC, which I find very good, despite the occasional spelling mistake they've made.
i enjoy playing chess. i won a trophy at school shame it wasn't real gold though.

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I'm a huge chess fan.
Me and my dad will sit down on a weekend and play a 3-hour game every now and again.
Brilliant game.

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I don't mind the odd game every now and then.

My dad's famous, called Gary Kasparov, you might know him.

Okay, I phail.
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I'll play a quick game of chess. Although I get bored easily so I tend to 'play on instinct'

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i like playing chess, and draughts. haven't played in ages, but i used to be ok at it.

they had a giant chessboard at a hotel i stayed at once. i would have won, if the greek waiter didn't keep moving my pieces every time i went to get a refill
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I love chess. Used to play it all the time when I was little. I was in tournaments and shit. In grade 4 I was destroying kids in grade 8. I actually won 5 out of 5 of my qualifying rounds and got a certificate for it . When I told the chess teacher I was leaving the school to go to another one he almost had a heart attack.

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I enjoy watching two people play who are very good at it. I suck at it, though.
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Im fantastically awful - but I enjoy a game once in awhile. Usually against petty petty freshman at school or old people at washington square park. I just cant think far ahead enough to ever win
oooh yeah, chess is awesome.
havent played in a long time, but it's so much fun.

it'll be nice to have a little tournamant on playray, kinda like we had putt putt.
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I love it, but none of my friends play (Despite my many attempts to tell them that it's quite easy to learn). I also collect chess sets!
How could anyone EVER hate chess? It's pure genius!

I really suck at it (in my short life of 15 years, I have played quite a few games but never won), but I like it anyway.

I pwn at checkers, though, and I know loads of fun games to play on a chessboard.
A brilliant game! Aparantly all of UG loves it...
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I like chess. I'm teaching my little brother how to play.
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its a good game, but i hate playing it because the only other person in my family who plays is my brother, and hes nationally rated and really awesome, so i always lose
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Haven't played in a while but I'm quite good when I try. I remember in 5th grade I was playing an 8th grader and I saw a chance to put him in checkmate but he was huge and I didn't want him to kick my ass, so I just delayed the rest of the game >_>
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a brilliant game that will never get old. getting good at it makes becoming a gutiar virtusio look easy by comparison.
I like it, but don't like to play it. For the first like 20 moves, it is awesome. Woo I'm capturing shit, woo I'm closing in for the win! Then like after that its just boring as hell while somebody tries to keep moving their king to cause a stalemate.
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I always find it weird when people say "I don't know how to play chess." because I learned when I was like four lol. Was never ever very good at it either. But one time there was this guy who came to our town, and he could play like twenty-eight different people at the same time. Only like ten people came, but needless to say I lost . I actually have this really nice set of hand carved stone pieces. One side is red and the other is like greyish black. It's pretty sweet, I don't think I'd sell 'em even if I never play again.
I like a game now and again. Are any of you guys on Redhotpawn.com? That's a good internet chess site.
Im not patient enough for chess. I always lose.
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I love chess! its the best game to chill with and keep your mind strong.

read "The Amatuers Mind" by Jeremy Silman.

best chessbook ever. lol
I like it though I haven't played in years. I know a guy who's really good, he's got a pile of books on chess waist high...

(how much can you write about chess?)
I like chess and I'm good at it. But I don't play it a lot because everyone I know who knows how to play and wants to play sucks.
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lol, i just won my first chess match in six years with gung-ho tactics. I had three pawns and a queen and king left against one pawn, two rooks a queen and a king, but went mad with the queen (which i hadnt moved the whole game) and won.

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I love playing it, but I have absolutely no strategy, and I suck, but I love the game.
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All the kids in my club love that game, I used to play quiet alot, had this glass chess board and peices. I haven't played in a while, I should pick it up again.

I'm pretty bad at the game, but it's pretty cool.
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