Crit it and I'll Crit Yours. Thanks.

Lover, Its happening again.
I've got this feeling
That I cannot quite explain
We'll try some medicine,
then I'll be feeling fine.
Until then you just leave me here,
and i will do my time.

*This isn't working!
I think I may know why.
This is no sickness,
no sickness at all,
I dont know how to get past this,
its killing me inside,
oh someone stop it please,
make it end tonight*

Lover, I think it's here to stay,
I dont think this feeling ever goes away,
This can't be happening to me...
happening to me,
I swore it wouldn't,
No not even she....
No not even she...


That's all I have for now. I am working on at least one more verse.
Thanks Again.