I've just bought a second hand Marshall DSL 401 (2 years old with no history but the shop said it had been tested) and it appears to be in perfect condition except it is quieter than I'd expected.

I'm using the clean channel with the gain on about 6 and the volume on about 5 in my bedroom.
I have used my Vox AD15VT at a volume of about 4 to achieve the same loudness.

Does the Marshall have a fault as I thought a 40W valve amp would have been a lot louder than the 15W tranny amp. I expected to be using the volume on very low settings for bedroom use.

My friend has a 40W fender blues amp and it is a lot louder than my marshall.

Please put my mind at rest.

sounds like it could have a problem, my dls401 is loud enough for me at volume 1 or 2, mind you im shit on a guitar so idont make my neighbours suffer to much
i wouldnt trust shops, i got my first dsl401 in november 2006 and it turned out to be a 2003 model, it had a weird sound problem and had a bit of dust in the amp and around it, took it back and got it changed no problems though, how much did you pay second had for it as they are around £400 new
It is really really graduated, I can normally play it at slightly more than room level at 5/10, try cranking it more, it should go really really loud. Otherwise, new tubes. If that doesn't help, it's protime!
You just need new tubes. Change them.
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I paid £275 for it. I Havent tried it on the higher settings yet.
Do valves either work or don't work? I mean do they still work if they are a bit poorly?
no, they can blow, or keep working with degraded sound quality as they wear out.
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I've had a look on the web at valves and there are too many different makes and types of the Ecc883 & the EL84.

Should I get a direct replacment fro marshall os is there a better alternative?
electro harmonix or JJ tubes are what most people prefer- i like EH for preamp and JJ for power amp.
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I'd take it back and ask the shop what's going on.
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Errr... this might be stupid... but you DO know theres a master volume, and it's turned up enough, right?

If yes, I would bitch at the store.
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