Title's pretty self-explanatory. None of my classmates can play decently, and the ones who can are... Jerks. Completely. No one you'd want to play with.

I'm thinking of a small play-for-enjoyment-band, maybe a guitarist (me), lead vocals, a bass, and a drummer. Nothing big, just play together for the heck of it, just to have a good time playing.

So, any tips on how to find friendly band members who can actually play?

I wish I knew the answer... my solution was to teach my best friend how to play; but the ****er's better than me now, which isn't good for the old ego lol.
well, what you could do, is put up notes about it in local music stores and other places.
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Well, I'm trying to keep it within my school, so that some random 70-year-old man doesn't wobble up on my front porch with a bass.

yeah well, when you put up posters and stuff, write how old you are, and what kind of music you'd like to be playing, and what sort of band mates you are looking after.

Secondly, being in a band with people you don't like, is not fun. But, being in a band with someone changes you views on the completely, so even though you don't like a person now, you could at least try it out. People tend to be different depending on the people the are around.
...And the worms ate into his brain.
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if you wanna be serious, play with the jerks, if not good luck in finding people

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seriously - advertise - it works.
yesterday i saw this ad saying "Lead singer/guitarist wanted for indie rock band" and called the number... they have yet to call back though...

i had the same problem - the only people who could play at all were lazy as hell. I tried teaching friends to play but no luck...
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