Poll: What's the more badass looking metal headstock in your oppinion?
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View poll results: What's the more badass looking metal headstock in your oppinion?
B.C. Rich's Widow Headstock
17 24%
Dean's RAZORBACK "V" shape headstock
20 28%
Jackson's "scythe" headstock
34 48%
Voters: 71.
There are two different Dean "V" headstocks BTW, one is the standard fat looking one, (found on MLs, Dimebag's CFH Dean From Hell and FBD guitars) and the More sleek, sharp looking one on RAZORBACK guitar line...
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as much as i hate to admit it, b.c. rich headstock=win
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Out of those... I don't know, I like the Widow but I think I'd take the Jackson over it.

But I really favour ESP headstocks over any of those.
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Come on even if you dont like BC Rich, the Widow is the most metal headstock.
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Ibanez makes the sexies headstocks ever! what the **** is some stupid bc rich compared to the RGs pointy sexy headstock that makes you wanna pierce some emo kids and watch their bowels run out combined with the ibanez logo and the wingwing (dont know what to call it) stripe.

Ibanez makes the best looking headstocks ever!
end of story.
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Beast > Widow
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i cant stand to look at the dean/bc rch headstocks
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