kinda different i guess.
i don't know. not that much.

but i kind of like it.
camp climax.zip

I just want to sleep forever.

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Hey, I like it.
Sometimes I think one of the guitars is wasted, playing the same riff as the other guitar, but it's still great.

You got a beautiful interlude there

EDIT: Oh, and the outro sounded a bit off when it went high.
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That is really really great A bit too much repeating though I think.
awesome, i loved the bluesier stuff. all the riffs are fantastic and just feel great. the dissonance feels a little overused tho, i think it needs to be used a little more conservatively to make it more effective. i think ur interlude would be cooler if the chords underneath the melody were acoustic and fingerpicked. overall tho i liked it

soo much n00bage
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Haha just like YourMessiah666 said about your other song...I've had this one in my file for quite some time as well
I put it in gp and added drums/bass and changed some guitar around
I was just havin fun lol so ya hah
Camp Climax.zip
Nice intro there, really liked it..
2nd Riff sounded a bit weird, maybe because of that sudden tempo change... but it was cool!
The Verse was ok, nothing special...
Pre-chorus was weird.. but in a good way lol.. I don't know how to describe that...
Chorus was good, I found it cool
Interlude sounded nice too, but nothing really special about it I thought -_- Got a bit repetitive... Might not want to repeat it twice...
Breakdown's rythm guitar got annoying after a while...
Outro was ok

Id give a 7/10, good job

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shit dawgzzzzz.

i was going for a "camp climax for girls" kind of vibe
in the verse. thus the "camp climax" title. ahahhaha.

i don't really see the shadow's fall though.

I just want to sleep forever.