Im looking to buy Washburn D10SCE and I know that it depends reallly on the seller, but from what you have experienced can someone tell me where is the best online site to buy a guitar, please tell me from experience not just off the top of your head. I really need help because i havent had lucky with online shopping from the past. thanks beforehand!
By the way, if anyone whos answering this thread happens to know if the Washburn D10SCE is a good guitar for a budget of under $400, and a decent guitar player who will have it for a longg time. thanks again
the best places are musiciansfriend music123 but ur best bet would be ebay
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I'd say MusiciansFriend w/their moneyback gaurantee. I've never bought one from Music 123.
You might get a cheaper deal on used guitar on Ebay. But no gaurantee.
Couple things to be aware of. Even w/the gaurantee, YOU have to adhere STRICTLY to their return policy AND pay return shipping. So choose WISELY Grasshopper.
And mailorder guitars are NOT set-up prior to shipping to you. A service that it may or may not need, but IMO is advisable to have done.
These guitars are often built overseas and have a long trip from the factory to you. And you want your guitar to be all it can be, right?
Walk in guitar set-up prices vary from luthier to luthier. But generally run $30-$50.
So you "might" find that adding that cost, which is often included in local guitar shop prices, doesn't make mail order buying as good a deal as it appears.
That said, I think the Washburn deal from MF, which I believe includes a HS case, is a pretty good one.
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i hate buying stuff online. your better off just to go to a music store so you can see it with your own eyes, not on a screen.
samedaymusic.com IMO is the best site out there. Free shipping on order over $49 and they ship in the same day. They guarantee the lowest delivered price for 60 days after your order ships and they also guarantee your complete satisfaction for 60 days after your order ships. Compared that to Musiciansfriend and music123 which is only 45 days guarantee and shipping is only free when your order is over $99, but sometimes you have to pay part of the shipping due to size and weight of the package your ordering..hope that help
For me as a Canadian www.lamusic.ca
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Just send a message saying your from UG.
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Facepie, you know better than to buy a guitar on-line.
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I like the website www.instrumentpro.com for buying guitars and other products from. They have a varied product list, and they have price match, so if you find a cheaper price ( which they say you wont find a cheaper price ) then they will match that price.
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I just looked on that website, and they dont have the product your looking for. My appologies.
My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who i am.
I actually have that guitar and its really nice for the money. Pretty slim neck for easy and smooth playability, good height on the action and pretty well setup, looks very nice. The tone is pretty sweet too, very balanced. I got mine off t'internet and its in great condition.
I got if from GAK, in england.