Well, there's alot of questions as regarding screaming in the vocal thread, and many questions are being answered "Use the Search Button" Maybe we could put all the info in this thread?

Well, I personally don't have much to contribute but I have a link that may help some of you: http://www.tonybullard.com/?page_id=19 There's a link a little way down the page that contains an mp3 file. It's alright, but doesn't work for me, though it will work for some. Also apparently worth considering is "The Zen Of Screaming". There are 2 issues now, the new one having Matt Heafey in, as well as concentrating on screaming only. http://www.melissacross.com/indexIntro.html

I personally would like to know how to scream like many of the metalcore bands do, in particular Bullet For My Valentine and Old Avenged Sevenfold.

Try and make this a good thread, as it could be particualrly helpful if it is, as well as making the Vocal thread more useful to "real" singers.
Yar, this has kind of already been done. Look at the top of the page under MT sticky. Here if you dont want to search. It's under "How to scream".

Cas'll be turning in his grave cause you made this thread...
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1: Check the MT Sticky FAQ for info about screaming.
2: If you still feel the need to discuss, check the ONLY singing thread. Stickied at the top of MT.
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