I have around 550 $ to spend on a new amp. Are randall amps good for metal? example Randall RG-75 G2?

Also have other options:
- Peavy Valveking 112 or the Bandit TT I or II

The randall amp looks cool, but I don't have any store next to me that I can listen , so I just have to ask you.
Randall amps ARE for metal lol. but in seriousness, i haven't played on one and wouldn't know much. i have played a valve king though, they're pretty good but i imagine the Randall is much better for metal on the whole. Vox definitely isn't an amp for metal.
randall amps are said to be made for metal, and you can get a all tube radall i think it is called TC 50
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I have the Randall RG50TC combo. It does metal sounds very well, as do pretty much all Randall amps. It also gets quite loud, easily loud enough for a small/medium sized gig.
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Get the Ashdown Fallen angel 60 DSP, its really good for metal! Trust me i have one
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I would take the RG50TC.


The valveking is waaay to low-gain to for metal.. the Randall is amazing for metal.. but make sure you go play one, they are voiced very... Randallish, which is either very very good for you... or very very bad.
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The ValveKing sucks ass for metal, even with the Gain Boost, it won't do metal.
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Yeah, the valveking doesn't have enough gain to do metal tones well. It sounds much better to just get an amp that has a good amount of gain and is made for metal than to get a lower gain amp and stick an OD pedal in front of it.
Does anybody have any soundclips of the RG50TC? Ive heard mixed things about them, and I want to hear one for myself.
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i would get the randall over the VK, but i would probably get a XXX over the randall, if im not mistaken, you can get a used XXX for that price.

EDIT: they are going for about 450 on ebay. those are the 40 watt tube combos
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why not just buy a smaller tube amp like laney vc 15 or something...i mean there's a reason why they're big, but cost as much as the small ones. i havent personally tired either, but as far as ive heard, none of them are realy good (tube)amps.
I've got a Randall RG75D (I believe that's a reasonably new model), and it cost about 635 bucks or so. I play it with my JS30K Kelly 3 guitar, and it sounds awesome to me.
As you have probably concluded from looking at my gear I am pretty new to the whole guitar business, but I am very happy with the sound I'm getting through the rig.
now that i look back...i had the rg 15. great on clean and with pedalse o.d was just a kick in the balls.
I have a Randall RX120D, the half stack model.

I'm quite fond of it. I don't really play metal, but you can dial in a metal tone no problem.

And surprisingly nice cleans as well. (for a cheaper solid state amp)
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