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hey i jusat started getting into these guys and i heard The Lung a couple days ago and its probly my favorite song right now, so are there any other songs by them where he plays like this, his other songs dont seem to have as much energy, which is sometimes good but i loved how he played in that song. actually if there are any other bands that sound like that song you could mention that too. thanks
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Generally I'd say check out Freak Scene, it's pretty awesome. Listen to The Wagon, too.
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Freak Scene (obviously)
Out There
Get Me
On the Wat
Feel the Pain

etc etc
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My favorites aside from the Lung are probably Kracked, Sludgefeast, They Always Come, Lose, and The Post. Pretty much anything off of You're Living all Over Me or Bug is excellent, I haven't heard too much of their stuff after Barlow left.
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Where You Been is an amazing album.

My favourite track right now is Start Choppin'. it just shows J Masics guitar skillz. (plus, I ahve the only good tab in the net.)
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I'm all over Feel the Pain and Start Choppin'
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just wanted to say thanks guys, i just bought walking all over me and im listening to it now, awesome stuff