I admire your riffage, but the song was going way too fast at some parts, and the notes sounded like a bunch of jumble. The way you wrote it was vey good though. Just, in future songs try to work that out. 8/10
some parts did feel like they were too fast. the solo/breakdown was just amazing, and the fast riff right after it made me want to die in the best way possible. the second breakdownish area was awesome too. i think just the beginning stuff before the first breakdown wasnt so amazing. everything after was genius and i loved it.

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I know some parts may sound too fast, but I intended to do that. Everything before the first breakdown/solo part is supposed to be chaotic and "too much", so that it contrasts with the sudden, slower breakdown part.

What do you guys think about the bass solo? I never did that before and i'm not too sure if it works... .

anyway thx
Bear in mind that I dont normally like music this heavy, so my crit may be a bit harsh. For me the first riff is too fats and jumbled, and doesnt do it for me, but from bars 33-69 we're good, and the riff after that (59-76) was even better, and the again after that (76-92) were even better, especially the bass, both the solo and slow bits. I liked the bit where everything except the one guitar stopped, and then everyone else joined in. It was good overall, especially bars 76-92, but I didnt like the intro much, although as I said I'm not a fan of this sort of music very much, so I may be being harsh.
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This is not really my cup of tea. I dont like this kind of music, so i cant give you a really helpful crit. It was composed well and the solos were great, but I just wasnt feeling any of the riffage in the song. Thats just me though.

So i will give you credit for it being well compposed. For what you were intending it to be, it fits really well. 8/10
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I'll agree with the others... While it's not my type of metal, it IS well composed, and has some very cool sounding riffs, for what it is.

I'm not however going to say it's too fast, as fastness = goodness in my book

Overall, 7.8/10
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really good. that pretty much sums it up. I'm really starting to like tech death metal the more i hear it. I see what you were going for with the chaotic sound, and i thought it worked. It was a good song overall, very well written. I can never figure out how people who write tech death can come up with so many kickass riffs when theres like 50 riffs in one song. Great work, crit my stuff? their all in my sig.
The first part is really ****ing good. i don't really like the lead 37-44. the riff at 69 is good but the last measure of it with the dissonant chords doesn't sound to great. I like that solo alot also. Tempo changes flow like no ones business

keep it up
Ok, I loved it. I'[m a huge fan of tech/death metal, and this was just almost sublime. Are you a bassist? Normally the guys on here that try to do bass solos in their songs don't turn out great, but yours was awesome. I've even decided to learn it, and maybe transcribe it to my six string. This is definitely one of the better songs I've heard on UG.
Excellent man, I thought some of the fingering you used looked a little uncomfortable, but if you can manage that, then it's all fine and dandy. As far as the actual music goes, I thought it was amazing all the way through. I'm not one to enjoy tempo changes so much, because of the "hiccup" you often get in the song, but yours flowed perfectly to the next section, great work. The bass solo was perfectly excecuted and provided a nice break from the tension... or, well, it WOULD if the chords weren't so dissonant. I would recomend you skip the fifths on those chords and go for streight thrids harmonies. Otherwise... my hat is off to you!
thx leo, but what's wrong with the chords, to me they sound perfect...

thx anyway
Wow quite the Technical piece. I love technical death metal and that was one of the more technical pieces I've ever herd. The Drums were Impressive as was the many layers of guitars.

Great Job
I thought it was pretty cool in a disjointed sort of way. Really unique sounding. Nice job, I tip my hat too you.
im not really an expert on this style of death metal but i have to say that was breathtaking! You've got a very individual and unique style and the way you phrase your riffs is chaotic in a good way. Loving the solos too-very evil sounding!

keep it up
wow, thats amazing
I would go insane if I went to a concert and heard this
on the other hand, I would also go insane trying to write or learn something like this, considering that you change time signatures all the time, but it fits, so its good
damn man ... rexpect ...that's some fine piece of music! how long did it take to come up with all this stuff??
i love the bass solo never heard something similiar to that ... i don't know anything about bass ..but is something like that even possible to play on a bass guitar?

anyway nice job i'll go insane if i get my hands on a mp3 of that
This one was made pretty quickly compared to my other songs, dunno why

And about the bass solo, to be honest, I have no clue whether it's playable I don't play bass either.
i creamed listening to that bass solo.....j/k

loved it, i love techdeath so this was jsut what i needed to start my afternoon, you gonna record that sh!t?
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This one was made pretty quickly compared to my other songs, dunno why

And about the bass solo, to be honest, I have no clue whether it's playable I don't play bass either.

Well, as long as your bassist uses a pick and/or is a genetically engineered mix of John Myung and the Flash there should be no problem (not to mention hands the size of Jupiter)
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