so basically,
until recently:
ive always gone guitar --> effects chain --> amplifier.
i played out of a mesa mark III and i've never used the effects loop.

i got a mesa dual rec recently to replace the mark III as my main amp,
and if i put my effects before my amp, i get this annoying hum, sort of like idling single coils or just noisy pickups in general (but louder)

the hum stops when i use the effects loop though.

so i guess my question is:

does anyone else get this problem unless the loop is used?

its not THAT big of a problem, i was just curious.

my friend suggested tube failure in the preamp, but i checked them out and theyre all okay.

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no i run my effects straight from guitar to amp, with the same amp, and theres no problem
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Mabey it's something in the environment with a strong enough electromagnetic field that's being picked up by either your guitar, one (or some/all) of your effects, the amp, or somewhere in the cable setup... or even could be picking it up from your power source. It could be a meriod of things, too many to really list. So take it to a clean room (one with little to no objects that create a strong enough magnetic field), put it on the clean channel with VERY little volume for a "clean setting", and just go through each of the mentioned items (starting straight clean into the amp). When just straight from the guitar to the amp, move around and see if it gets stronger near anything that could possibly be creating an electro-magnetic field... and if it gets louder near say a florestent lamp, then there's your problem, it's that floresent tube. But if say it doesn't do it to that, but say your power outlet... then you got something going on there that might need checking out. If you don't get anything, add in one pedal and repeat the process. Keep going untill you find the source. If you don't find a source, and it's doing it even on a "clean" setup... Then you may have something going on with the amp itself, which may need a checkup at a local amp tech. If on the other hand when adding an effect and you get it emmediatly, it could either be the effect box itself, or the effect is causing a field to be picked up.

I know the Boss GT-3 I'm looking at getting will sound of a slight "beep" anytime the little LED light on his DVD player blinks (and it does it while it's on but idleing, which is constant)... So you never know what might cause wierd things on your setup! (he has a tinny little like 5watt practice amp or something... I mean like MG's smallest one size (not an mg though... some unknown offbrand I think).
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thanks for the help.

much appreciated.
"don't you know there ain't no devil? Its just god when he's drunk"
-tom waits
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It could be a meriod of things, too many to really list.