Much to my surprise I have found it hard to find a beginner's guide to starting up a pedal board, as I have decided to start to build one up. So can anyone point me in the direction of one or give me a helping hand? I need to know all the basics really, how the pedals work with a power supply how to order them and link them to the amp etc. Also can anyone suggest any reasonably priced pedals to begin with? I mostly play stuff like The Hives, Mooney Suzuki, Alkaline Trio and RATM in my band...well we play anything really So I guess to start I'll need a basic distortion pedal, anything else people can suggest? Any help is greatly appreciated, sorry if this is in the wrong place
well if u play heavy...u want metal distortion.....i baught a boss mega distortion, and in fact i'd be willing to sell u that 40$ lol i have no use for it. i play to heavy for it. was a christmas gift. so its brand new condition.....n/e way back to topic.....then depending what u want after that man. u want a wah if ur doing lead...and if u like em. go sumwhere or if u know sum1 with one, mess around with it....the best thing for u to do...is to NOT buy something u only use once. and also if u want to build a whole baord...it'll be expensive....and if u wanted u could get 400$ ffor a top of line pedal workstation...basicly anything and effect u want on guitar.
Thanks a lot Yeah I know it will be expensive but I am willing to build one up over time. Could anyone suggest some good pedals that they think I should start out with
Wah, Reverb, Chorus, anything you like that your amp doesnt have.
you need a power supply and a daisy chain to power all the pedals at once.
string all the pedals together with patch cords (theyre just little half-foot long input cords)
velcro them to a piece of wood, and attach a power bar or extension cable to plug in with.

i would buy pedals before you even think of making a pedal board.
oh, and dont listen to guitarsuperman2, frankly he doesnt seem to know what hes talking about AT ALL
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