Which would be a more interesting class to take?
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Apparently there's a lot of essays involved with psychology and psychology courses are always packed, so I'll say sociology. I was gonan take sociology myself but I decided on philosophy instead.

I just googled the exact same thing, I have the same decision.
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I took both last semester, and they're pretty much the same class. Sociology deals with groups, psycology deals with individuals.

My personal favorite was sociology, because it was canceled a lot.

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Take Psychology. Sociology is like Poly Sci but even more bullshit. Psychology is an actual science that actually matters; sociology is mostly academic.

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theyre pretty similar...id say sociology though. just personal preference.
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Psychology is probably more respected. If you have a look at the Oxford/Cambridge blacklisted subjects, I think sociology is there, whereas the other is not.

I believe it contains a bit of biology as well regarding the brain and certain mechanisms and stuff. Depends entirely on what you want to do afterwards. Personally, if I did the required subjects and had to pick one just for the fun of it, sociology as I imagine it's slightly easier.

I don't know though I did sciences and maths at A level.