ok, so my metal master at high volumes sounds too thin, and my Valvekings distortion isint cutting it, i was thinkin about OD's, the #1 on my mind was. . .

BOSS SD-1 Overdrive

i was also sick of plugging into mr RP to tune up because I hardly use it, so i was thinking of a pedal tuner like this. . .

Fender PT-100

and its all going with my Crybaby and EQ, so i was thinking about this. . .


does anyone have any comments about them or any alternatives???
Epiphone Custom 1966 SG w/EMG 85(B)
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Boss SD-1 Overdrive; NS-2
Fender Tuner
The Fender PT100 is a good tuner but the muted output isn't too quiet with the on-board LEDs...i had a loud hum in my amp when the unit turned on even though it said it muted the output...

i suggest the boss pedal tuner

The one spot is a nice product and works extremely well.

i use a boss adapter and power most of my pedals but the one spot is also good to use.

Ive never tried the SD1 but i personally don't like Boss pedals

Look into a Yamaha Magicstomp MKII on eBay..they go for about $20 and have a lot of distortion models as well as a bunch more...and there's a Yahoo group (2 of them actually) that have files for the magicstomp which are really useful..
if you want a distortion, try the ehx metal muff it sounds amazing with my VK.
and for overdrives? ewll cant really beat the classic ibanez tubescreamer
^budget for all of this is $100
Epiphone Custom 1966 SG w/EMG 85(B)
Epiphone Les Paul
Peavey Valveking
Boss SD-1 Overdrive; NS-2
Fender Tuner
if you're on a tight budget than you could go with the PT100 tuner but its not needed if you get a magicstomp. The PT100 isn't for live use if ya ask me but its fine for playing with friends or at the house

go for an original crybaby wah but be sure to do the true bypass mod for it

the Danelectro Fish and Chips EQ pedal is OK but its plastic so not too much for gigs

your budget is low so you wont be able to get a lot of good gear...you might consider getting one or two good pedals for now and save up later on

that's what I've done so far...I had a WD7 wah and magicstomp..now I have a boss RC2 looper and will have a Rocktron talkbox, Fish and chips EQ, as well as a digitech Whammy soon.
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