hey. I'm trying to get a nice metal sound out of my ME 50. I talking about metal like lamb of god, as i lay dying, .. 'metalcore' shit as some of you guys call them. NOT classic metal. The main thing I have a problem getting is a nice chunky, heavy palm mute. When i trying playing palm mutes, i get a kinda weird, not so heavy sound. Its like missing bass or something. Its hard to describe. Idk, it just sounds weird and like shit. So what kind of settings do you guys use (that play metalcore stuff) that you use. Like type of distortion, tone, any use of the compressor - noise gate thing, bottom - tone levels, drive level, i mean ANYTHING. And i wouldn't mind knowing the type of amp you use, and guitar. Pickups i'm concerned about really. I mean, i use a fendeer strat with a single coil pickups and a 15 watt amp ... so that could be part of the problem . God, i ****ing hate my guitar.
the problem IS the guitar.
you need basswood or mahogony body to get that solidsound and humbuckers to get a good thudding palm mute
Hmm.. maybe just have a look at google and type in Boss ME-50 settings? Otherwise, I think it's the guitar mainly, because it only has single-coils so...
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I find the Rat actually gives a good metal sound, but ive only really used that on a cranked Valve amp, and it had the most bass ive ever heard, it was shaking the room. You need a new amp and a humbuckered guitar.