anyone know any simple grifts?

i'm a little short this month.
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"Um, yes waiter, I'll have a wank, please."

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You seem like the type who would mug an old lady, so why not do that?
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lol, so i got a boner this one time and i was watching tv, so i decided to hump the little crack between the two cushions of the couch. yeah.

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1. grift

To steal something. Possibly a combination of gank and shifty. Only the most talented hobos can pull the grift off.

"Dan grifted my cookie...and apparently my wallet as well."

2. Grift

the art of grifting. Taking something that does not belong to you

"Taking Amy away from Joe is such a grift move."

Thanks i was just about to ask what a grift is

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if he does not post pics, he obviously has installed a pickup and bridge on his house broom for some brutal sweep picking.


Don't actually. Try to mug a hobo and then get your ass kicked hobo-fu style.

Fear hobos.
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i thought your post said grits. i <3 grits.
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grifts dont work

You're mistaking grifts with black people.


EDIT: Woah, what, 4 year old thread?
You bell end.
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I don't think grifts is gonna help you become taller, buddy.
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