I will probably get flamed for this but why are the Roland cubes so great. i know that anything beats the s*** out of the MG's but WHY ARE CUBES SO GRAET????
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Vox doesn't make the Cube line. Roland does.

Anyhoo, it's cos they're good-sounding amps, with good features, for a good price.
Vox Cubes?

I don't think it's a matter of them being great, but rather a matter of them being existant.

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Ya roland cube amps not vox and it's because they are decent sounding amps for an affordable price , I have a roland cube 60 the effects on it sound great and its really really I mean Really loud I put it at 3 and i couldn't stand how loud it was
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theyre not that great. i personally dont like them.
theyre ok for beginners id say.
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They're not great. Merely better than the other offerings in the cheap amp category.
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yeah they arent great, they are just the best thing for high gain sounds in that price range,. and this board is primarily mad up of 13-16 year old metal heads with low budgets, which is also a good explination of why ibanez guitars are so widely praised here.
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Because of their r-fier modeller, and they have multi effect.
They also are great for the price for their volume etc.
yeah, its the value that the amp is versus the price the amp is offered at.

It isnt' an amazing amp, but its a great value with god sound. So that makes it better then other amps in its price range
John Petrucci use the microcube to warm up before a show, that must mean something.
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I use a 60 and its awesome. Not just for high gain.

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They're not great. Merely better than the other offerings in the cheap amp category.

yeah, basically. and more versatile (as I'd contend the valve junior is more fun, but probably not for your first amp, lol).
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