yea im having troubles getting a logo for my band....Band name is gunna be EVANGEL....which means...doctrine taken as a guide or regarded as of prime importance. (maybe use this in design of logo idk)

n/e wayz....besides the fact...i need a logo badly if anyone could help thanks.

-or if someone could tell me a program i should look for to design one...idk anything would help, thnx.

Heres sorta what we're looking for.....or just surprise us.

-looking for logo like E in back and V in front of that E.
-Letters have maybe a tribal look to them
-black background
-Something unique sticks out
-Remember this is for a hard rock band...not quite metal tho.(still want something baddass looking tho) idk use imagination
There IS a Band Logo Exchange...
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I got it .....have a huge banner that says "WE TAKE IT UP THE ASS" I think that would be a good logo
Erm my friend she just did a lil recording of a song shes working on, its not quite finished but wanted to ask weather you think its got pertental, and should she keep working on it, how could she make it better, hears the link anyways...

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