hi guys, im looking for a program on the computer that devocalizes mp3's so that they can be used for karaoke.

ive seen a few of these programs for around 200 dollars, and i dont feel like spending that much money because i only want to do one song.

does anybody know any cheap/free programs that can do this?

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i don't know of any nor do i have one but perhaps you could ask someone to do it for you?
it is actually impossible to remove just the vocal track in most cases. the reason is that all of the tracks are mixed together so you cannot isolate just one. usually your best bet would be to EQ out some of the center frequencies where the vocals usually occur. unfortunatly this really thins out the sound and can remove other instruments. the other option only works on tracks where the vocals are center panned. you have to split the stereo track then invert one of the tracks. switch them both to mono tracks and play them at the same time. it can sound really really bad some times, but it occasionally works out.

EDIT: for example, i just used the inverting thing on Social Distortion's "Ball and Chain" as a test. it removes the vocals quite nicely and the song still sounds pretty good. unfortunatly it also removes all of the lead guitar, the snare, and the kick. so it works, just doesnt always give the best results.
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