How hard is this solo? Is it too hard for me? The best solo i can play is fade to black outro or the trooper's solos. Thanks very much guys!
It's kinda hard to tell without hearing you, but i imagine you could do it if you can play The Trooper you can play the Sweet Child O' Mine solo...though there may be one or two tricky spots for you.
Thanks! Any other opinions? I'd hate to learn a song thats too hard, but if this would be a good step to take my skills higher and not be over my head, cool.
It took me like..3 hours to memorize it all. It's pretty advanced if you don't know scales and all of that stuff..I did a cover. Click my name and click view all threads and check it out.
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dude you can play the fade to black solo? if you can do it at the right speed then your good, but if can play the whole thing kinda slow then i guess the sweet child of mine solo shouldn't be that hard
Dude, the sweet child of mine solo sounds like a walk in the park, especially when i'm trying to learn Hangar 18 by megadeth that song is intense, but the sweet child of mine solo is a pretty good solo thats flashy, but intermediate, the only hard spots are some parts of the middle and end.
Yes i can play fade to black outro at speed. I will try the sweet child of mine . I am also learning the welcome to buckethead land solo. I love that song . Thanks guys appreciate the responses.