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my dad and mom are gonna go see him next week
roger waters 9/8/06
the who 9/16/06
eric clapton 10/03/06
the who 12/2/06
Mika 6/13/07
Rush 6/27/07
Roger waters 7/10/07
Elton John 3/??/08
The Who 10/24/08
Iron Maiden 04/02/09
Iron Maiden 07/12/10
Night Moves is one of my alltime favorite songs. I like his other stuff too. But I wouldnt call him one of my favorites
When they kick at your front door
how are you gonna come
with your hands on your head
or on the trigger of your gun
Only song I've heard of his is Turn The Page, and it's awesome.

Any more recommendations?

^^Try Night Moves. It's not as folky sweet as Turn the Pages, but still good. Also, Mainstreet it a sweet song.

I'm a fan of the seger. He's a great lyricist, and could pull a nice lighter-blues/soul rock sound. Just listen to Mainstreet and you'll know what I mean
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Anyone old enough to remember the 1970's is undoubtably a Seger fan. And Bob's a class act. Kept his nose clean, good to his band, devoted family man. My fav Seger album is the 1st "Live Bullet". Liked "Against the Wind" alot too. Hell, I like ALL of them.
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Bob Seger rocks. I was actually meaning to make this thread. Cheers for doing it
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Whhyyyyy does this man get no love? I saw him last November and he was incredible... still puts on a great show.

One of the all time greatest lyricist IMO.

Has some incredible songs... notably "Turn the Page, Night Moves, Against the Wind, Old Time Rock and Roll, Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Her Strut, Main Street, You'll Accomp'ny Me."

Any thoughts on a little guy I like to call the "Dancing White Man."
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There's a few songs that I think are ok, the only song that I really like is Ramblin Gamblin Man. The mixing annoys me, but I like the groove a lot.
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