Hey guys,

I was lucky enough to get a ValveKing 112 for Christmas, which was great fun until about Boxing Day, when the amp began to make low-level fuzzing noise whenever it was on, which severely disrupted the playing experience. My Dad and I took it apart and found that nearly all of the solder joints were pretty much dry, and likely the cause of the problems - although we couldn't be certain. So we asked to return it for a new one.

GAK finally comes round to replace it about a week or two ago, and I get a brand spanking new one. However, two days ago, I was playing at considerably low volume when it made a very loud noise and cut out - I'm pretty sure one of the valves exploded or something, it was glowing purple even after I disconnected power anyway. And now it's almost definitely broken and needs replacing. But basically I'm fed up.

So two things - has anyone else experienced problems with the Peavey ValveKing series, and does anyone know of similarly priced valve amps I could get as a replacement that are more reliable than the ValveKings? If it helps, I usually play either an Ibanez SZ520 with Duncan pickups or my old, cheap Strat copy; I like to play pretty much any styles (although jazz has thus far confounded me... must look into that :P) , although I focus on rock/blues wth some metal and country stuff too.

Thanks very much,
mhm well alot of people say VK is unreliable ... i have had no problems w/ mine so im lucky.
now, shouldnt that still be under warrenty?

anyways, ive heard thre Ashdown Fallen Angel is a good tube amp in the same range as VK
check it out on some sites, mayeb get some recomendations form owners ... test it out
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laney vc30 should be better too, I'd have thought. it's £300 on gak, if I remember right. the footswitch is about £15 extra, I think.

That being said, you should milk it and get them to throw something in for the bother.

it ruined your Christmas, remember!
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