Hi, I am just wondering where to find some good online lessons.(The kind you play for). Right now I am just learning tabulature, and basic chords. But I would like to learn musical theory, techniques, etc. I like to learn visually, so video is a must. When I bought some D'Addrio strings, it came free with some online lessons from Work Shop Live. I liked that site, and am probably going to use it to learn unless someone here can recommend something better. Thanks,
Kristofer Dahl. I love that man. He explains things well, and covers alot. Plus, his videos are pretty humorous.

He does a website where he posts clips of certain songs, techniques, etc... available for free - http://www.freelicks.net/

You can also check out the videos he did for Ultimate Guitar:


And finally, here's his website -

That's for solo guitar technique.

For beginning guitar shtuff, check this out:

Pretty quality. The solo lessons are only $20 total (USD), and you get an unbelievable amount of stuff for that. The basic stuff is about $40, but if you're willing to pay, I suggest you check it out.
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