hi i have a vox vr30 and ive got a great tone out of it but i need it to be more distorted to play heavier stuff like metal. ive tried pushing my dist pedals through my distored channel like my boss mega dist and ds2 but they change the overall tone. i want the tone to stay the same but just increase teh gain so it sounds more distorted.

i was thinking that i could get a clean boost pedal like the mxr one and leave it on all the time but would this just increase the volume???

thanks hope u can help me any advice or recomendations would be great.........thanks, ben.
A boost would give you more gain, but it might not be too great-sounding if you used it on full, all the time. I think the problem is that your amp just isn't that great for metal. Sell it, and get a new one. Cube 30, maybe?
check out a marshall, or mesa/boogie if your rollin in the benjamins. otherwise, a roland cube series or mabey a Peavey?
Use a tube screamer and the Vox on full gain and you'll have enough gain for Metal. The tube screamer on full gain in combination with the amp will give you the same tone but with a lot more gain.