Hey people! I have a doubt. I use DaDdario stings EXL120:
PL009 - E - 0.009
• PL011 - B - 0.011
• PL016 - G - 0.016
• NW024 - D - 0.024
• NW032 - A - 0.032
• NW042 - E - 0.042
I have a Fender Stratocaster and i wonder if there´s any problem to put the Daddario EXL110:
• PL010 - E - 0.010
• PL013 - B - 0.013
• PL017 - G - 0.017
• NW026 - D - 0.026
• NW036 - A - 0.036
• NW046 - E - 0.046

I´ve read that these are very popular and used by great guitar players.
Thanks for your Attention.
I wait some replies!
no, it's not that much of a gauge change, there would be a difference if you were going from 9's to 12's, but 9's to 10's isnt that much of a difference
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nope that shoudlnt cause any problems at all, maybe sumer minor fret buzz but nothing serious
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That's what I use on my Strat. Nothing's caught fire, yet.
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That's what I use on my Strat. Nothing's caught fire, yet.

mine did, but i put it out fast, barely left a mark.
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