I just bought a pedal board with a power supply. ANd im having problems with it.

It goes amp>marshall regenerator>Fuzz Face>Zakk Wylde wah wah>JAckson guitar

With this setup everything works exept the wah wah pedal. When I push down on the pedal, Theres no sound. When it is completely up, i got this high pitch feedback type thing. ANd no sound out of the guitar.

When i switch the order, making the wah wah go into the amp, The fuzz face and marshall pedal dont work. So basically, whatever goes into the guitar doesn't work. Iv'e swithed all the cables around, so the cables are okay, and my guitar is ok.

Please help
get a visual sound one spot- it'll fix any problem.
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Sounds to me like the input or output on the wah isn't right.... have you tried taking the wah out of the chain ?

It got fixed. There was a problem with the output of the wah wah pedal. But im new to pedal boards, so if any one has any hints or something, please tell me.