tbh the best thing to do is to build your own as it will only cost 20% of the price and will be perfect

anyways which pedals do you have?
i use the one from zzsounds, the rockcase and its alright, its easy to set up and get going but its not as heavy duty as id like. THe one on ebay looks pretty sturdy though,

the boss pedal boards are sweet cuase of its power features, but it really limits you to mainly boss or single pedal styled pedals, and you can only set them up horizontally, not alot of variety in your pedal setup,

Gibson Les Paul Studio w/dirtyfingers pickups
Gibson Joan Jett Melody Maker
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The pedals I have are

Boss pedal tuner
Sonic Maximizer
Boss Compressor
Dimebag Wah
Boss noisegate
Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo