its ok...
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theres nothin special about it
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yeah, its pretty nice.
I'm glad he didnt get that typical dean headstock.
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I kind of like it but the headstock is kinda ugly. I really like the inlays.
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soltero, yeah, they play like sex.
mustaine made the right choice.
if you'd believe me i'd tell you everything
I think he should have went back to jackson personally. Maybe I'm just more partial to jacksons.
aye, i thinkn jackson wouldve been a better choice, but then im wondering if the new jackson rr24 might be a way to try and tempt alexi back from esp, from the description it seems similar to his, and he's always said he preffered the jackson but esp was quicker
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i think its ugly,looks like all the other vs he has...cept with crap looks...he should done sumpthan more original than that
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Meh, I wouldn't buy it...
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The double inlay looks like poop.
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I like how they added that guitar to that picture instead of him actually holding one.
i thot the same thing......
What new friends will the day bring?

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The only person that changed their endorsement to Dean that it turned out well for was Dimebag, and maybe Eric Peterson. Think about Rusty Cooley, his tone ****in sucks balls now with the Dean. And Trivium's tones are just mudfest now. I bet Dave's tone will be crap too.

Not all the tone of RC and Trivium is to be attributed to their guitars...
RC switched from Bogner Uberschalls... which is such an awesome amp..
to Spec Ops amps (i think thats the name) which I haven't played, but that really plays a huge role in his tone..

to my knowledge Trivium switched to Krank from Marshalls...
but I'm not to huge on them so...

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How can you not tell?

Lol.. after you said it I actually realized the horrible cut and paste job they did..
for all the guys reading this going "what???"
carefully trace the guitars edge, and dave mustains edge, and notice the shading difference
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I think i like the Dimebag V's better than the Mustaine one...
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i must say im dissapointed

the other dean v's look sweet but this is just weird

it duznt scream dean wen u look at it
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yea his dad was like, dude i got up the next morning to go take a crap and i looked over and theres a dang guitar in the bathtub.....

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i think it's tight. kinda like dave's king v and dimebag's razorback v had a kid.
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Compared to ESP and Jackson I hate it, mainly cos since the Razorback dean have been a very "Lets only make guitars that say dime on or if a famous guy wants one" they arent very respectful to the regular buyer of a guitar.

But IMO he could've got a Jackson king V and got better, or stuck with ESP.

Who knows, maybe in a couple of years time he'll go onto Ibanez?
i dont like this mustaine's V i liek the esp ones DV8 and livewire is f*cking awesomei tried it once
As I said before, boooooring. Seriously, what's the point of moving to a different manufacturer and putting out the same guitar, but worse?
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Who knows, maybe in a couple of years time he'll go onto Ibanez?

dear god, that would mean Ibanez would join the dave mustaine rejects
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