My IE ever since ive downloaded 7 will only show screens right from the adress bar and have to copy+paste from firefox cuz IE wont bring you to a page if you click a link. Another thing is your probably saying just use firefox but its way slower and i have no idea why and just want to know how to get the IE to work right.
any answers?
I'm going to be dead honest. I have no idea what you're talking about, but Firefox 2.0 is a million times better than this new Internet Explorer they got out.
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thanks for the first guy but it didnt solve the problem. i dont know whats going on but it takes like a minute for each page to completely load even if it looks loaded and always says transferring. My IE basically cant work without putting the exact address of the page you want because links dont work but the pages load fine when i copy+paste from firefox when itd be ridiculously long on firefox
Just system restore to before you had IE7... its not worth it anyway, it froze my computer the day I installed it... and the computer was 2 days old...
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