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alright so i have my xbox 360 live setup, but my parents don't want me to use the internet modem to hook it up directly since no one else will be able to use the internet, so i tried using a router and hooked it up to my modem and computer and then i used an USB cord to hook it into my 360 and it says IP Address failed. Do i have to enter anything into my 360 network settings or soemthing? Please Help!


sorry guys it is an ethernet cable...my mistake
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don't hook it up usb.... get another Ethernet wire and run it from the router to your xbox...
yeah like he said, usb won't work its gotta be ethernet cable in the back.
would firewall settings do that? I don't have a 360, so I'm not sure. It works fine on my friend's xbox.
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dude if your using a router you have to register your router and your 360 with your ISP.
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