I have some questions Id like to ask you guys, as UG is seemingly omnipotent....

Okay I have an arpeggio I really like, it goes as follows...


this is taken from Wintersun's "Death and the Healing" Song.

I would like to know what the name of this arpeggio is, and what is the best way to go about practicing these sorts of arpeggios? It has some barring in it, are there any practice arpeggios that help exercise your ability to do this?

On that n00b theory I mentioned...

Ok I might as well just go out and say that I know next to nothing about Music Theory, I just know that "modes" are based off of the major scale.

I was reading a forum on whats the most stupidest thing youve heard someone say, or something like that, and I saw someone say they thought it was stupid when someone stared blankly at him when he asked "what key are we in?" Feeling quite retarded myself, I have to ask you guys

What does it mean when you are in Key? Is that just a tuning or if hes playing in a certain pattern, like C? Im confused help me out if you can plz...

Thanks in advance
That's just a Bm arpeggio. For playing, what you want to do is "roll" your index finger from one string to another, so only one string at a time rings out.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_%28music%29 for a detailed explanation of keys.
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The arpeggio you've posted is a basic B minor, you can move the same exact shape to anywhere on the fretboard to get other minor chord arpeggios. You could try splitting it up into two there-string arpeggios to help you learning that, might make it easier for you - or might not, it works for some people but didn't for me.

To be in key generally means to follow a certain chord/scale relationship - ie if the band is playing in key of A, you'll be expected to play an A chord progression (or in an A scale of some sorts)

hope that clears things up for you a bit

edit: by the way, that arpeggio shape you've posted is usually sweep picked if you didn't know that, search wiki for what sweep picking is, or ask someone else cause I can't be bothered
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Get a teacher who is good at theory, the first lesson will probably clear half of this up for you!
But then again, why pay when you can get it free here and elsewhere on the net?

I'm not sure what the song sounds like, so I imagine thats a sweeped arpeggio?
Look up sweep picking. That arpeggio you posted is just an arpeggiated B minor (barre shape) with a D on the high E to spruce it up so it doesn't look like a barre chord completely haha.

Alot of people have trouble with keys. But I don't think I can help to much.

With the arpeggio, I don't like those shapes. Try learning other shapes. Look for a sweep excersise powertab. I have one, which I got from UG. Actually it could be sweep shapes. I think its the latter. Either way it'll help you a bit.
ah im not too much for teachers, I think I can learn these things myself, not to mention theres not really an yteachers around here

thanks for the tips, I got the idea of the "roll" my fingers, I kinda figured that but I was just wondering if there was a way to do it that I didnt c before

yes I know thats a sweeped arpeggio thats a technique I'm working on as well

thx for all the help guys
Ok guys I took the metronome to this and I already have it mostly down pat!

theres some quirks i have to work out (such as when going really fast some notes ring out)

but still thx for helping out!

I would suggest metronome for anybody who was an idiot and didnt realize the importance of this device the first time around