i have recently started playing guitar. I understand how to play the chords but the strum patterns to me are lost. how can i learn the strum patterns to songs so i can actually play a song?
I'm not sure if i understand your question right but i would suggest mimicing the ryhthm. Listen to it and try to figure out what the rhythm is and then just try to play it like that.
well you can listen to a song as a start. or if you're like learning out of one of those music books, you can get a metronome and play it.
if you get a good chord progression then just put different strum patterns to it. eventually you'll be able to pick out the strum patterns right away just by listening to a song. probably not the best answer but its how i learned. or you could just get someone to teach you a song
I don't know if there is a way to find a strum pattern for a song without using a metronome...or your ear?

I don't know.
I haven't really looked into it.
But, I know when I am learning a song from a different band I just listen to the way the guitar is played and mimic it.
right now im trying to figure out the pattern to hows it going to be by third eye blind
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thats an easy one, fun to play too

just listen to each chord and keep restarting the song till you get that far. could also try to get the rythm just muting all the strings. keep doin it and youll get it eventually
I usually use down strums for the beat. Say the beat is something simple like quarter notes and eighth notes. I would use the down strokes for the quarter notes and add an up stroke for the eighth notes without changing the speed of my strum.

But really you need to just listen to the song and feel the beat and strum of the song.