So I went to plug in my bass the other day and I get everything all setup, but when I turn my amp on all I can hear is one loud buzz noise .. now, I figured hey, maybe just something up with the way the cords are plugged in, so I checked around, but everything was good .. after about 15 minutes of toying with it, I switched cables, no difference .. then finally, I tried both cables, but hooked it up to my electric guitar amp, still got the buzz .. now I know my amp is fine, as I played my electric guitar plugged into both, so I'm assuming it's something to do with the instrument cable thingy on my bass ..

.. so basically I've come down to two options, get some good advice on here (say it's easy to fix or something, I'm stuck on it), or buy a new bass .. I figure hey, I haven't exactly treated this bass like I should have (I bought it used, btw), maybe it's time for an upgrade to something I know I'll need to keep in good hands.

Well, any help would be appreciated.

Recent problem, 6 month old amp .. it's not just the regular buzz you hear when turned up loud, it's like when your TV goes all black and white fuzzy and begins to make that horrid noise.
thats most likely the grounding wire on your bass...take it to a shop, tell them your grounding wire broke off and needs to be soldered back on, and they should charge you like 5 or 10 bucks as long as you don't go to a guitar center or something big and overpriced.