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Yes, Get it with warranty.
6 75%
No, save for something out of your price range although you need an amp.
2 25%
Voters: 8.
Sorry if this thread pisses anyone off =/
But I'm in the process of upgrading my amp really soon, but I have a low budget. My 15G isn't doing it for me anymore. So I hear this Crate XT65R amp got 50% good and 50% bad reviews. I play anything from clean almost jazzy sometimes type stuff, to some metal once in a while. So some people say the clean channel is really "muddy". I'm not even really familiar with that term lol.. Well anyways, I don't care about the effects much, since I have my pedals, but I hear it has good reverb. So if I went down to guitar center and got a warranty, etc. should I be fine?
definitely a decent amp bro like i told ya earlier ive had mine for 3 years now with no problems cleans are decent definitely not tube quality but decent. give it a whirl and if ya get it from guitar center ya have 30 days to return it anyways with a full refund
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I have one, and I absolutely hate mine. It's way too muddy, you can barely distinguish notes from each other once you get into the metal tones. Definately save up for something else.
I've played em, I liked them, go for it, I think they go for 200 bucks and sometimes 170 if on sale at GC.