I was wondering, whats the difference between an Hendrix Signature Wah, and a Regular Dunlop Wah?

I've been looking into getting one of them.
wrong forum. but the diff is that the hendrix wah is the sounds that hendrix used. the dunlop wah doesn't have the exact same settings.
the hendrix wah has a fatter sound and more range in my opinion. i had a regular dunlop crybaby and it crapped out on me and the same thing happened to my friend. you should look into something with a fasel inductor like the zack wylde wah or the classic. its worth the extra money
depends on which one, theres two hendrix wahs

the regular one is wired to produce a fatter sound to mimic the 60s design

the other one has built in fuzz, and is cool kuz you can adjust which ones first, or just use one or the other.. i think the second one would be cooler, but its $150 as opposed to $90 for the regular hendrix wah
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