Hi, i bought an amp at guitar center in July 2006 (a 15 watt Palomino tube amp), and i recently started gigging a bit, so I need to be louder. Does anyone know if i can return my current amp to guitar center for some credit, and get a model with more power/watts/whatever with some more cash and maybe a gift card?

You won't get much, tbh. How much did you get it for before?
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I think it was about 400 bucks new. Anyone have a guess on how much a used one would get? I've got around 150 bucks stashed away aswell.
you wont get anough to get anything more powerfull that sounds as good, just mic your amp, its not that hard for live use.
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How about a 30 watt version of that same amp?
And does the value go down as i keep the amp, or could i keep it for around 6 more months and sell it at roughly the same price? How much would this amp go for now, about 7 months used?

I dont know if the place i play at would be able to mic up my amp. Is this a standard thing to do?
Sorry, i have only started gigging, but I definetly wasn't loud enough at the gig the other day.
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youd have to have it for a few years or significantly damage it for the price to really fluctuate, and yeah micing your amp is pretty much standard, as long as they have a PA you can do it, spend the extra cash you have on a decent dynamic mic and a mic stand with a gooseneck extension.

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