I was at a show last night, and I saw an instrument that I'd never seen before, and I thought maybe someone could tell me what it was.

It was white, shaped kind of like a teardrop, flat (about 2 inches thick), 18-24 inches long. It had something that looked like a touch-mouse on a laptop that, when touched, the noise came out. Something that looked like a keyboard on a computer was on the other end.

The sound was like a synthesizer imitating a distorted electric guitar.

It probably was a type of synth, but can anyone be more specific?

At this same show, I saw a guy shred a Fender Jazz Bass. That was pretty awesome.
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do you have pics, or no?
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sounds like some modded midi guitar?
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Draw us a picture on MS Paint.
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what band was it?

yeah, this might help... a picture would be more helpful if you have one... but i agree with whoever said a modded midi guitar... that's probably it
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thats my guess
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