so i have decided to get my old guitar and give it a good old makeover. it isnt a fender but basically has the same design as any fender stratocaster and its almost identical to my new standard strat so anyways...

i have begun the sanding process.. i was looking to try make it just the wood grain colour with a bit of coating added you know as you do..
i havent sanded enough to have a good look at the grain though and im not sure of what type of wood it is in the first place.. so it looks like ill probly end up giving it a paint job.. but in the meantime i have decided to alter the body design but i cant come up with any designs.

so i was hoping that you guys at ug could help me out...
if anyone could spare a little bit of time to draw a rough design (even it you draw it in paint) that i could make bearing in mind that it is from a strat body..

any designs would be very gladly appreciated because i have seen some very good ideas in these forums so yeah

thanks in advance

p.s. im not intended on changing the neck or pups as of yet but will maybe think of it later on in life..lol
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you could sand down the neck and make it thinner, if you like that... give it a cool looking finish... not just a solid finish... you could sand down the horns and make them look sharper... kind of like an ibanez... you could also scallop the frets if you know how and like to shred... just a couple of my thoughts
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yea thanks for that
what solid finish did you have in mind?

edit: and soad does rock
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Get her an Oven with a card saying 'Where's my fucking food?'
umm try spray paint the scratch board. i hope u havent said this arleady cos i cbf reading it lol.
battery: yea ill definitely do something like that

has anyone got any ideas for the bottom end of the guitar? as in shape modifications
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Get her an Oven with a card saying 'Where's my fucking food?'
hmmm stickers will always add personal touch but if ur looking for something more elegant try maybe hmmmmmm maybe u could get some metal designs 3d maybe like a dragon or something weild it maybe but that might burn the finish so i dunno how u get on. maybe a strong cohessive glue?
specially if they were like just shadow brushed a metalic silver coating.
hmm yeah im not sure really what im after for the finished product yet.. i just have to get the sanding done and once thats done i can maybe get out the good old saw and rip it up lol then once ive made any body changes i can work on the finish

its probly not a smart idea but thats the way i roll lol
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Get her an Oven with a card saying 'Where's my fucking food?'
Either Hendrix V paint job

or go solid and put polka dots on much like Buddy guy's

very sex.

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do a swirl paint job...id put the link up but i have no idea where it is...someone else could probably give it to you though
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Here's a rough sketch of what you could do. If you like it I can do a better job with different proportions on some of the stuff. As I said it's only a rough.

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