It's similar in tone to mahogany, it's just cheaper.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
I've compared my Mahogany Ibanez to my Agathis one, and I feel like the Mahagony feels more powerful and rich in sound.
there is good nice agathis,then there like bottom low shit ply agathis....if u get good agathis and its not shit cheap,then itll sound good,i have agathis/alder mixed strat by arbor,and it sounds very nice,but it is made with 2 different woods so that might have sumpthan to do with it,but overall stay away from relle low cheap end agathis....mahogany,everyone knows is a great tonal wood,just heavy
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Mahogany is better. you'll never find a pro-level, or even mid-level guitar made of Agathis.
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Mahogany FTW
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Mahogany is better. you'll never find a pro-level, or even mid-level guitar made of Agathis.

actually, I've seen one or two hand mande agathis super strats... supposedly they are light but have a similar (but not nearly as good) tone as mahogany...
I'll find a linky or two for them..
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i kinda figured that much, and BTW, the guitar is an Ibanez GSA60, so its defentally cheap agathis. i was going to hotrod it but ive been debating weither or not to say **** it and get a SA120 and hotrod it instead. ill probally end up going with the SA120 since it has a mahogany body and the neck is better. thanks everyone
if you do a search here, you will see tons of agathis bashing.

I prefer maho over any wood myself, maybe with bubinga too, just to gain more back muscles
Quote by Doodleface
Mahogany is better. you'll never find a pro-level, or even mid-level guitar made of Agathis.

Actually, most of ESP's $500 and under range are Agathis.
Agathis is a pretty cheap wood.
My Squier Strat is made of that, and the sound overall isn't very good.
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Mahogany FTW.But I really am blurred that no one has bashed agathis yet.Maybe Algee has brainwashed all the anti agathis,lol
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Agathis & mahogany are two tonally different woods.

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I just found out that my new guitar investment is agathis, it's Washburn D pro 200 dime style. I must be a lucky one because this guitar sounds amazing!!!! not good as my esp ltd 406 fm telecaster body (mahogany) but sounds amazinggggggg, different tones and I love both. If the agathis is dry properly is not bad wood at all. the active EMG'S make of this agathis body guitar an excellent metal axe. Guitar is light and have a powerful distinct tone. Amazing shit for an agathis body.. like I said I must be one of the lucky ones who got proper dry ( agathis) wood. ???????????