how much would it cost to chemically straighten hair and what are the bads about the chemicals?
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it can be expensive ($100 - $200 in my area) and only lasts for a couple of months... i don't know what effects the chemicals have, but i'd advise you to just buy a straightening iron.

it's not even straightening. it's only 'relaxing'. don't bother. grow a pair and do it yourself with a blowdryer.
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and if your hair is dyed its not recommended to use straigtening chemicals, you have to wait till your hair grows and cut off the dyed parts. i myselfhad chemicals and ill tell you your hair does NOT go dead straight, unless your hair was pretty straight to begin with
The only thing that sucks with an iron, just the slightest humidity will make your hair curl and look awful.
my aunt whose loaded gets it done and it lasts her about a year or so but form what ive heard its pretty expensive
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I can't even fathom any reason why this many people would have so much personal experience with cosmetology...

It's a bit odd, you ask me...
just buy a good straightening iron, screw the chemicals dude. Use a straightening iron and a blow dryer.

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