Hey everybody,

I recently have decided to broaden my musical horizons. Having played guitar for many years, I feel it is time to begin to learn another instrument. I have chosen the piano.

Now I am sure there are some musicians on these forums that are talented players on multiple instruments, so this post is for you.

Does anyone know of a good starter site I could browse with some piano lessons and such?

See I'm in the position of being completely knowledgeable theory wise, but still needing the finger movement practice associated with beginning to play any new instrument.

So if anyone could point my in the right direction towards a free, more accomplished-musician oriented guide to learning the piano that won't belittle me trying to teach me "what a chord is," I would be eternally grateful.
if you really know your musical theory then you could probably teach yourself but go out and pay for lessons you'll learn a lot more
I've been where you are before. You have some theory knowledge so you don't want to buy a really boring book that tells you a whole note is 4 beats etc... I'm sorry I don't know how to play piano though. Are you trying to be a rock band keyboardist, a classical pianist, or somewhere in between? If you want to go classical I would have to say start taking lessons. If not, maybe you could start by borrowing some pop hits for piano book from the library.
I've been playing piano for 6 years now (way longer than guitar) and I'd recommend that you get a Hanon method book. It has 60 exersices of increasing difficulty, that are mostly designed to increase accuracy, speed and strength; it doesn't try to teach you anything. The way my teacher had me do it is master it in ones (one note per beat), then twos (two notes per beat), fours, then 8s. I realize you wanted a free site, but it's only like $8, and plus I don't know any sites Lessons are a good idea too, to help with technique.

Here's a link; http://www.amazon.com/Virtuoso-Pianist-Complete-Charles-Louis-Hanon/dp/0739017330/sr=8-12/qid=1169439884/ref=pd_bbs_sr_12/002-9987891-3233623?ie=UTF8&s=books
Jordan Rudess has a very cool video for any aspiring keyboardists, I think it's called Keyboard Wizardry. Quite a few ideas you can get from it and apply to your playing/practicing. Also, if you know your theory well, why not just move your guitar excercises to piano? Scales and chords are the same, it's just that the fingerings are different - but that's what you're trying to learn, right? And for achieving two hand coordination and playing melody and bass lines together, you could try taking some songs you already know and carrying them over to piano with an added bass line. Play the bass guitar part with your left hand, or the root notes/chords behind the scale your right hand is doing, or harmonize with the same melody two or three octaves below, etc.

You can apply pretty much all you know on guitar to keyboard playing, and you don't really need a big book or proper lessons to work out your fingers.
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Well, do you want to master piano or do you just want to learn a few songs just for the hell of it? If master LESSONS, if few songs...just get sheet music off the internet

Alfred's method books are always nice. They are some of the required texts for my college piano classes, and I can say for sure that they do a nice job of showing you the information.
Here's my outlook. Take anything you can play on guitar and adapt it for piano. And vice versa. It definitely will help you. Take it from me: Piano 13 years, guitar 8.
I play piano and Id have to say that you should get lessons. Its hard to just learn stuff like on guitar and get better. You need a teacher to be there with you.
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Get an Alfred book for adults lesson 1. It has a few lessons from Hanon which will help your fingers amazingly, it will also show you the basic chords and a few scales. If you would like to do then that get lessons.

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