Well the tone on these pretty much suck. so after doing a little research and asking around (NAMM didn't really help), i have come up with these so far

Dimarzio Evolutions
Dimarzio Humbucker from hell
Bill Lawrence XL-500 (dont know which though)
Seymour Duncan Full Shred
EMG 81's ( im not too sure about these but Syu manages to get a good tone)

Well my first priorities are both a better metal rhythm tone (something like, the Testament album The Legacy - while heavily distorted, it is also very tubey and organic) and clean tone. After that is a fluid lead tone like Angra's or Tony Macalpine's. I dont know what to mix and i'm not even sure that i will be replacing both of them, since im only looking to spend up to like 125, 150 tops in case anybody insists on Bare knuckles.. Im guessing that replacing the bridge pickup should be the first priority but im really not sure, so any suggestions, including other pickups would be greatly appreciated. Im playing out of a valvestate Vs-100 if that helps (pedal distortion, not the amp's). Tell me if theres anything else you need to know about my setup
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get the zakk wylde emg set 85-neck 81-bridge then get a boss sd-1

also it depends what kind of wood ur guitar is made of!!
Epi Les Pau Quilt topl~Emg 81/85 Ghs 11's(1/2 step drop)
Charvel Model 4 EMG 81/SA/85 DR 10's (standard){for sale}
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Dunlop ZW-45 wylde wah
Dunlop RotoVibe
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Boss CE-5 Chorus
The dinkys have alder bodies and the EMG-ZW set is like 200 bucks. im sure there are better pickups for that price