im thinking of getting the wite intead of the black ayone know where I can find a pic?
thanx for the replies I found a pic and i am going to get the white it looks much better than the black
hey, could you give some feedback after you're used to playing it for awhile, im thinking of getting that axe and the more knowledge the better, thanx
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Try www.carlinoguitars.com . They've recently started stocking Schecters, and have some awesome pics of every guitar in their range. I bought a Schecter Tempest Custom in white a few months ago, and it blows away everything I've had prior, in terms of playability. I whipped the Duncan Designed p'ups out, and moved my EMG set in (81/60). The duncans were surprisingly punchy though. Anyway.. Schecters <3
^wow, that store has a few of the original C-1 FR with OFR, if those are actual pics. I have one, and it's a great playing and sounding guitar. Quality axe if you can get one with the OFR.
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