hello, im fairly new at guitar. I have a squier and it seems like the string tension is low or something, it just feels harder to pick the strings faster compared to other guitars. My friend has an ibanez RG and i can pick so smoothly on his and my dad has a Hamer and i can play the intro to powerslave easy on his guitar, but when it comes to tryign on my squier it requires a lot more effort.

I was wondering if tightening the tension at the bridge would help?Or would that just make me have to retune it and not change anything? Again, i know hardly anything about guitar except how to tune one. So i dont know could it be the strings im using or just the guitar? thanks
Maybe you would prefer a thicker gauge of string. Ask your friend what gauge he uses on his Ibanez. I personally only play on 10's or 11's but the standard gauge is 9.
i remember the guy at this guitar shop putting strings on it and he said they were the thinnest you could go, this i bet is this problem right?
yeah i love metal music and hard playing and picking fast aint workin to well with my strings, you think with the bigger strings it will seem like better tension also?
It's all a matter of taste. I am a rhythm guitarist primarily and I play thrash/death metal. I myself prefer 10 and 11 gauge strings however my friend, who also plays metal, can't stand my guitars because the strings, "Are like bridge cables". I call him a pussy when he says that but we both realize that it is all a matter of preference.