How do you position your mic for best results?

I just started learning how to use cakewalk (took me about an hour to work out how to record something) and I find if i record with my microphone close or on the amp the vibrations ruin the recording. So how do you position your microphone - pictures would be helpful.

Oh and btw my microphone is just straight from the back of my computer - no stands or anything like that.
I'd also be interested if recording veterans could post pictures of their mic placements in their recording setups.
get a proper sound card is the best advice i can give
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How do you position your mic for best results?

This is a really easy question to answer. Where it sounds best!!

I'm serious. Micing is different for every singer. Acoustics guitars sometimes need drastically different mic placement (because acoustics guitars vary so much in the bottom end).

The secret to engineering is not memorizing where one engineer put a mic one time. The secret is to use your tools (microphones) to adapt to what you are recording.

Looking at a picture of mic placement is about like looking at a post of James Hetfield playing an low E power chord and then thinking you are supposed to only use the low E power chord.

Sorry it's not that simple.

Well, it is up to you to get choose what you think sounds best.

For recording a guitar amp, assuming it has that one speaker in it, off center both ways. I like to place it in the top corner of the amp, but not directly in the corner, Id say only about 2" off the center plane horizontally, and then about 4" off center vertically. Its kind of hard to say. Also, right up against the screen, or verry close to it.

(id say somewhere around the o, where the xxxx is the speaker.)

Vocal mics, get a screen like you see all the time, where the mic is like:

(mic)__)<--screen. Kinda thing.
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