hey all. So far i have been self-taught at guitar, and have been playing for roughly six months. Recently i have noticed that whenever i play through scales, or play open chords, my thumb protrudes over the top of the guitar neck, rather than remaining stationed against the back of the neck. In fact, the only time when my thumb remains consistently pressed against the back of the neck is when playing barre chords. Is this normal?, or will it interfere with my progress? what variations in thumb positioning do you have while you are playing?.
Baseball bat position.....when the thumb is very high on the neck, almost touching the low E string. Very common in blues playing.

Classical position...... When the thumb "normally" stays around the center part on the back of the neck of the guitar...Very common in shred, and classical styles.

I try to combine both style in my playing.....e.g. Baseball bat style, great for bending strings

Classical style....great for getting the most out of playing chords(getting all he strings to ring), and great for fast movements on the fretboard.

This is just a quick generalization of the to different styles, very quick generalization and a very vague generalization, but try to use the two together.

When you need to bend a note try to jump into the baseball bat style, but when you need fluency and speed try to jump back into the classical position.
its usually better to keep your thumb in "barre chord" mode, it make your hand much more manueverable. I only have my thumb up high when i do Open postion chords
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