Ok guys, its that time of year. I have several auditions for college comin up in the next month. I need to audition for Towson, Shenandoah, York, and Berklee. All for guitar. I have a few questions:
First, and probably most importantly, I cant sight read. I know that this is a HUGE setback, but Im confident that I can learn to- just not in time for my february 5th audition at Berklee. So any tips on working on that a bit?

Also, most of the auditions call for me to have a prepared piece from the standard repertoire. At all risk of sounding like a dumbass...whats the standard repertoire?
I'm doing the same thing dude, dont worry.

Standard... a standard Jazz Piece, or a Chord Melody

Personally I'm playing Czardas by Chet Atkins
and a version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow similar to that done by Chet Atkins and Les Paul

If you want more ideas, PM me, or I could even send you some songs to learn if you would like.
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