afternoon all, ive already posted a few threads today ha, anyhow. Ive been playin for 6 months, have learnt the boxed version of the penationic scale. Im just wondering, when learning a song, or jamming to any particular tune, whats the best way to determine what key to jam in?, and furthermore, what scale to use?
well...you COULD ask if you're playing with someone...but it would probably be best to work on listening, before long youll be able to tell just by listening what key the piece is in (or at least narrow it down)
Do you know how to play your pentatonic scale in different keys?

Do you know your pentatonic scale in all its positions(its more than one box)?

IF you do already know these things i apologize.

To find the key of a song, well there's many ways. But the most common is, at least in rock, the first chord "normally" represent the key of a song.

But really to find the key of a song you need to really listen to what chord the song always resolves to. I know how weird that sounds, but there is always a chord that you go to. Its the chord that completes the sentence(dos that make sense). ITs the chord that you can depend on.

If your playing with your friends listen to the chords they play. And think to yourself, what chord sounded at "home" or sounded like it really belonged their.

So in short. There are many different factors involved in establishing the key to a song.

So i hope i helped, but i know how confusing it can be myself.