I was just curious as to how do you guys on here practice.....scales, songs, and just jammin ect....I know everyone practices in a different way, but I want to try other methods ya know and i wanted to see how some of you practiced
I practice some excercises but mostly i just learn different riffs to songs and i occasionally jam twice a week so its all good
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I usually only do a couple of exercises, mostly ones that work with the basics. After doing that for a little while, I usually switch to whatever song im working on. Then again there are days where it's fun just to jam. I practice anywhere from below 30 minutes to over 2 hours a day. It really depends how much free time I have.
I just pop in a cd, then start playing away. I jam with guys at school from 2-3 times a week (whenever we have jazz band which is right before lunch so we jam during lunch). I do however try to do some guitar/general music theory every day or so. So its about an hour to 2 a day. The problem is that Ive been so damn busy I dont have time to play. It really sucks, and I cant wait till exams are over in a couple weeks.
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I read. A lot. Particularly about music theory.

Then I play songs I know, and suddenly a torrent of knowledge flows over me about how the entire song is created and how it works. Then I apply that knowledge to whatever else I do.

I don't really practice, I just play songs. However, lately I've been doing finger strengthening exercises on my guitar. One can only move as fast as one's muscles will allow... Hmph.
For the most part I just learn and play songs I like (Metallica, Megadeth, Iced Earth, etc.) I honestly think that you can easily find songs for each exercise you could do; I.E. Master of Puppets; Double picking. Canon Rock, sweeping. Any Megadeth song; speed in general Plus songs are way more fun than 1234...1234...1234...1234.... Although I do that to, because it is important... Just not much. Meh.
Just get the tabs and guitar, then with headphones, try to get the song you listen same as you play. Do it till lunchtime or dinner...I think it would be boring for you...but not for me. Ha
Ever since I came across Stetina's series I fell in love with them and they've been the cornerstone of my practices. Another thing I used to do lots (not as much anymore since I hardly have time at home these days ) is trying to express anything and everything I come across through the day on guitar. Kind of hard to explain what I mean by that and I'm sleepy so I guess I better not embarass myself by trying to do so and failing, though.
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Well I do things like the chromatic scale so I can improve my picking speed as I am starting to get into some pretty fast songs. I also practice my sweeping sometimes, but otherwise I really just practice riffs that I want to learn that are fairly difficult, but I want to nail them. Also solos I usually break down into different parts and practice them. So, no I really don't do excercises, I really don't see how they will help me with what I like to do with the guitar.

I try to practice at least an hour a day, usually more. I practice scales, chords, songs & excersizes from books, so theres always something to do.
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i start slowly, to get the memory of the notes in my head then with the music in front of me i play away with the cd playing. then i do this over and over again until i play off by heart exactly.

just wonderin how do pple play with their guitars vertical? like Slash in November Rain.
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I don't really practice, I just play songs. However, lately I've been doing finger strengthening exercises on my guitar. One can only move as fast as one's muscles will allow... Hmph.

dude i cant play fast at all i just pull off or hammer instead of individually picking the notes and i have practicall no muscle in my fingers.
Woops i pushed a big RED button.

So what the hell is supposed to happen now?
I first warm up going through chromatic scales. I then play all the scale positions I know. After that I play a bunch of songs that I know. I then just start messing around trying to come up with a cool rhythm. Then I just start improvising. My way of practicing probably sucks but it works for me.
Well, changes from time to time. Right now, its a few little classical exercises( I'm just beginning in classical), and other than that, I just wanna learn a bunch of songs. Which I'm doing. Just nothing but trying to remember a bunch of songs.

Usually, though, its exercises, scales, then some songs. I wanna learn to read music. All I can read right now is stuff with a bunch of whole notes and half notes, and maybe a few quarter notes.
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